PrivacyPolicy(Self Tour)

We are deeply aware that it is our social responsibility as a company to properly handle information that can identify specific individuals (personal information) such as customer names, addresses, and e-mail addresses. We are committed to protecting and respecting your personal information based on

1. Information management
In addition to conducting educational and enlightenment activities for employees, we will appropriately manage personal information by assigning management responsibility to each department that handles customer’s personal information and implementing strict security measures.

2.Purpose and scope of collection
When collecting personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number,  location information using the GPS function of your terminal and other location information positioning function. on this website, after indicating the purpose of collection, contact point for inquiries, etc., we will collect the minimum necessary information to achieve the purpose within the range.

3. Range of use
We use personal information provided by customers to fulfill our contractual responsibilities with customers, to develop better products and services, to deliver useful information to customers, and for other legitimate purposes. We will only use it for its intended purpose.

4. Prohibition of disclosure or provision to third parties
We will properly manage personal information collected from customers and will not disclose or provide it to any third party except in the following cases. However, if there is customer consent, or if the Company discloses information to a subcontractor to the extent necessary to perform the service desired by the customer, disclosure to public institutions, etc. is obligatory by laws and regulations, etc. is not limited to that.

5.Obligation to subcontractors, etc.
Third parties to whom we provide personal information based on 4 above will be obliged by contract to ensure strict management of personal information at the same level as our company, and we will have them implement this.

6. Viewing, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
If you would like to confirm, correct, or delete your own personal information that you have registered, please contact the contact listed on the information and we will respond promptly.

7. Violations and review of laws and regulations
We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other norms regarding the protection of your personal information, and we will continuously review the content of our compliance program, including this policy, and strive to improve it.

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